Honor a Teacher and They Could Win Up to $500

Our Teacher Appreciation Campaign is Now Closed

May is National Teacher Appreciation Month, and we want to thank you for helping us start it off right! If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that teachers deserve so much more credit for all they do than they are given.

That’s why we’re pleased to honor ten teachers, voted for by you, to receive prizes in appreciation. Stay tuned for the winner announcement!

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Prizes Include

each for 1st – 5th place winners

each for 6th – 10th place winners

We’ll announce the winners at noon on Facebook Live on May 5th, so don’t forget to tune in!


Grate teacher and mom.

Renee Alexander

Mrs. Amanda always goes above and beyond for her students. She truly loves and cares for each and ev

Amanda Asberry

Kari Bahorik is deserving of the Outstanding Teacher Award because of her wonderful ability in meeti

Kari Bahorik

Linda is known as the “crazy science teacher”. She loves her students and her subject. Linda has

Linda Bates

Mrs. Biller is my sons special education teacher. She has more compassion, patience, kindness, and l

Rhonda Biller

McKinsey Blake is an outstanding Special Education teacher at Upperman Middle School. She’s a teac

McKinsey Blake

“Children learn more from what you are than what you teach.”
W. E. B. Du Bois

Plant cells, anima

Amy Breece

I love Me. Chelsea! She has went above and beyond to help me succeed. I still sometimes write my num

Chelsea Brock

She’s amazing teacher who makes learning so fun and easy, she is awesome in anyways like singi

Amma Brown

Ms. Jennifer is a phenomenal special ed preschool teacher. She teaches next to me and is an amazing

Jennifer Carter

Mr.Clapp is an amazing teacher. He’s invested in his student’s future and wants them to not only

Reed Clapp

Mrs. Clark is such a light for my daughter she loves going to school and misses her so much right no

Kortney Clark

8th Grade and 10th Grade Teacher
History Department
Varsity Basketball Coach
Former Sumner County Te

Kory Craighead

Taylor is the most dedicated, caring, committed teacher I know. She genuinely cares for her studen

Taylor Crawley

Mr. Zach,as my step daughter calls him, should recieve this award. My daughter and I moved to the Gr

Zach Dickson

Deana has worked tirelessly to create an outstanding AV department at Wilson Central High School. H

Deana Duncan

I would like to tell you about a wonderful teacher, Ms. Eddins. I feel it is very important for me t

Jennifer Eddins

My wife is the choir director at MJHS. She is so passionate about her teaching and she loves her stu

Sandy Elliott

My wife, Mary Ann Emberton known to her students as Mrs E, is the most loving and giving teacher I k

Mary Emberton

Mrs. Engebretson is my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher. She has instilled a love of learning a

Jessica Engebretson

She’s a great teacher, loves her kids and the community and makes sure they are excelling and havi

Carrie Engelhardt

Mrs. Estepp exemplifies everything a kindergarten teacher should be! My daughter joined the class af

Kelly Estepp

Beth Freeman is a teacher that goes over and beyond. She believes that every student needs a chance

Beth Freeman

Mrs. Luci is an inclusion Pre-K3 teacher, and she has be absolutely fabulous with my son. He has im

Luci Gentry

Dawn began her teaching career about 3-4 years ago as a kindergarten teacher. Not only did she pour

Catherine Dawn Gonsalve

He is an amazing teacher! He is so creative and inspires his students every day. Always enthusiastic

Dereck Hale

Mrs. Hall is the perfect blend of kind, caring, strict, and loving a young child needs. She has had

Sherry Hall

She’s an amazing teacher that loves her students more than anything!!

Adrianne Hamilton

Mrs. Harris is a wonderful teacher she loves her job & each student in her class. She is an ins

Brittany Harris

She goes above and beyond for every student, not just the ones that enter her classroom. She is alwa

Callie Hawkins
Kimberly Hayes

Ms. Amy is a rare find in a teacher. Her heart and love goes into her work and her dedication is obv

Amy Hershman

My son is adhd and a speech problem and Mr.Hinson treats him just like the others! He goes above and

Ted Hinson

She has been with my son for 3 years now . She always goes out of her way to make sure he is on trac

Sharon Hodge

Ms. Howard is an AMAZING educator. She goes above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis. She

Mononika Howard

She defines what a teacher should be. Loving and caring but with high expectations. She teaches spec

Tammy Hunter

Mrs. Stephanie is one of the best teachers I know. She is my son’s teacher at Cornerstone Elementa

Stephanie Johnson

She is an elementary CDC teacher. She always goes above and beyond to make sure her students know th

LaTonya Johnson

Mrs. Johnson is an absolutely amazing kindergarten teacher! She has a love for her students like no

Angela Johnson

Macey goes above and beyond for her students. When schools closed she stepped up to teach her fellow

Macey Johnson

Ms. Johnson is the most outstanding teacher I have ever met. She is so passionate about teacher her

Kristin Johnson

Betsy is phenomenal with the students. They confide in her, trust in her, and when life pushes again

Anne “Betsy” Jones

Amanda is an amazing teacher who cares so deeply and is so invested in her students lives! Amanda te

Amanda Jones

Ms. Klingmann is the best Kindergarten teacher. She always makes sure her students are loved and kno

Nicole Klingmann

She teaches 5th grade student ELA and Social Studies. She captures each students attention with her

Katherine Kocourek

Jessica Long Moyer is a vibrant, inspirational teacher who works to bring the magic of science to he

Jessica Long Moyer

Tammy Lovell is an amazing teacher with over 35 years experience and boundless energy. Her gifts of

Tammy Lovell

Jammie Lowery is a fun, caring, and experimenting teacher. She loves to do projects with her student

Jammie Lowery

Mrs. Magness is a first Grade teacher in a rural community. She has been teaching for many years. Sh

Leah Magness

She has always gone above and beyond to ensure her students had what they need. She’s very underst

ToTika Mansfield

Miss Means is going above and beyond for her “kids”. She has a Facebook group for them,

Donna Means

Mrs. LeVaughnda is one of the most patient caring teachers ever. She has a love for her students li

Levaughnda Midgett

Mrs. Erica has gone ABOVE and BEYOND this school year to ensure that all 23 of her kindergartners no

Erica Miller

Mrs. Shelley Misch is my son’s second grade teacher. She pours 110% into her students each and eve

Shelley Misch

Mr. Moon has made positive differences in so many students lives he has taught & still teaching

Derek Moon

Erin is the most loving, caring teachers I know. She gives of her heart, her time and her money. She

Erin Olbon

Mrs. Parks is a very dedicated teacher as are so many in Middle Tennessee during this unusual time.

Rebecca Parks

I like how Mr. Perry teaches social studies in an interactive way, its a lot of fun. Plus we get to

richard Perry

I nominate, my coworker and my daughter’s teacher, Mrs. Amanda Rachford, for outstanding teacher b

Amanda Rachford

He dedicates an enormous amount of his time and energy year round toward his band students and he im

Jim Reed

So to make a long story short: I was a student and she is the librarian at my high school. I was liv

Kimberly Rein

Miss Shaffer is a bright shining light! She is enthusiastic and affectionate about all her six grade

Lisa Shaffer

Mrs Sloan goes above and beyond for her students. She always makes sure that they doing their best a

Wynde Sloan

For Deborah Smith, teaching is an opportunity to show love to children through dedicated education a

Deborah Smith

Ms. Laurie teaches in the special education program. She works patiently with students until they ge

Laurie Smith

Sandy is one of the most kind and considerate educators around. Her heart for her students is enorm

Sandy Summers

Ms Jessica is a woman who is not only the most huge hearted person I know but she thrives to help he

Jessica Thompson

Mrs Tinnon is a very sweet and caring teacher. You can tell that she really loves her students. My s

Angela Tinnon

Kari is a hardworking teacher that cares deeply for her students. Kari goes above and beyond, daily,

Kari Tisma

Mrs. Trapp is very caring and always makes sure her students have what they need. My child adores he

Janet Trapp

Mrs. Trull has been teaching for over 27 years! She’s such a huge asset to the Lobelville Elm scho

Carmon Trull

Mr. Van Dyke is the most caring and supportive teacher I’ve ever had. He means a lot to many stude

Jim Van Dyke

Mrs. Sarah is my sons current first grade teacher. She has been an amazing influence on his love for

Sarah Vaughn

Mrs. Voelker has helped me through all the tough times of 7th grade to lead me to where I am now. Sh

Catheryn Voelker
Amber wallace
Nancy Weatherhead

Ms. Webb is the Art teacher that teaches while engaging the students. She is full of energy, kind w

Katherine Webb

Mrs. Williams is a caring and supportive educator whom cares and support her scholars. Mrs. Williams

Amber Williams

Sarah Witt masterfully engages her students with challenging academics, hands on projects, and digit

Sarah Witt

Mrs. Wolfe is truly a person that was born to be a teacher. Every child in her class knows that they

Dana Wolfe

Tammy is a phenomenal teacher and person. She has her students do projects to help them learn the im

Tammy Worley

“Stacy Young is the most amazing teacher! My daughter had her for kindergarten. She’s now in

Stacy Young

Crystal is an exceptional kindergarten teacher. She always go above and beyond for her children as

Crystal Young