Justin Smith

Mr. Smith goes above and beyond to ensure that his students get a quality education in an environment that is both productive and calming. My son has mental health challenges that cause him to lash out physically and verbally. There are times when his meds have to be adjusted and Mr. Smith will keep him in his class as precaution. Once he made himself Branfords primary contact for an entire week to allow my son the chance to get reaclimated after a hospital stay. Most people would push him away or treat him different, he loved on him more. He also has come to the hospital for visits and calls regularly during Covid-19 safe at home to see how my son is. I am so grateful to have a teacher in my son’s life who sees him and doesn’t look past him or side with others against him. He has conversations with my son regularly about making better choices. Even when he saw my son running down the street with a bag in a suspicious manner he questioned him and took the things he stole. He in turn called us and we all alerted the store. As a former teachers assistant and reading tutor, I know first hand how dare This behavior is from any teacher and especially, a male. Even if he doesn’t win your contest he will always be our “OUTSTANDING TEACHER”!