Anna Tongate

Mrs. Anna is a remarkable second grade teacher. She has an infectious smile and personality. She has gone beyond any expectations I could have expected. A thank you is not enough for this young woman.
My nephew has his own personal struggles. She has boosted his self confidence something extraordinary. He is enjoying school, making friends, his grades are good and most importantly, he is confident with himself.
She has gone above and beyond to help me, help him. I seem to be always messaging her about something. She never complains and is always prompt to help. Taking her free time to research and print study guides for us here at home.
My kindergartener also adores her and makes her presence known to the class. Mrs. Anna has never turned her away. Even allowing her to hang a personal ornament on her class tree. Which spokewords to me as this was a classroom thing. She treats my children as though they are her own. Praising, loving and teaching them.
She is special to me and mine for all that she does.
She is the newly expecting baby shark.