Stephanie Lynch

Mrs. Lynch is one of the amazing teachers at Merrol Hyde Magnet Schools, in Hendersonville, TN. She has taught fifth grade and third grade, in several states and currently teaches first graders. Despite the current quarantine due to the covid-19 pandemic, Mrs. Lynch provides children the same support and quality learning she always has. Holding weekly Zoom meetings, delivering Easter surprises dressed as a bunny, individual Face Times with each student are only a few of the things she continues to do. She provides parents with weekly schedules but the best part has been her Phonics videos from the method Tapping Out with Tiles, method she has co authored with Dede Pinson. Happening 4 times a week with Mrs. Pinson, Mrs. Lynch delivers high quality phonics classes which even caught the attention of the news. Her students are always on her mind and she sends them a bedtime story via video a couple times a week. Before the pandemic, her interactive teaching method, energy and smart teaching methods made each of her classroom days fun yet productive and left the children with a passion for learning. Students and parents love Mrs. Lynch!